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chuck-bennettby Chuck Bennett, Director of Governmental Relations

At yesterday’s meeting of the Senate Education Committee, the committee introduced three bills.  Here are the highlights:

  • One bill (LC 44) that has not been numbered yet allows school districts to charge tuition for the second half day of a full day kindergarten program. It defines the second half of the day as “supplemental kindergarten” and allows districts to charge for it. Tuition may not be charged against low income families, a ward of the juvenile court or Department of Human Services. Any parent or guardian who believes the tuition represents a hardship may seek a waiver from the school district for the tuition. The bill allows the districts to collect tuition through the 2009-10 school year. It is expected the question of tuition and full-day kindergarten will be taken up in the regular 2009 legislative session. The bill also validates all previous tuition collections and thereby protects districts from lawsuits.
  • SB 1067 (LC 46) – Modifies the bill passed last session that required districts to replace all R type metal halide lights or mercury vapor light bulbs with T type light bulbs by January 1, 2008. The deadline is now September 1, 2008. It also changes the covered lights to exclude all outdoor lighting except in covered areas used by students or employees.
  • SB 1066 (LC 45)– Allows ODE to spend funds allocated last session for talented and gifted programs including the creation of regional centers to offer support to local district programs. The bill also made technical changes to the Oregon Educators Benefit Board statute. There also were adjustments in the bill regarding education on use of anabolic steroids.

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