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by Allison Couch, Principal, East-West Sylvan Middle School, Portland

Last week's news from the State of Oregon Dept of Health and Human Services that our Oregon eighth graders are 76%(!) more likely to have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days than eighth graders living elsewhere was a startling statistic.  Clearly the Oregon status quo around alcohol use is failing our students big time. 

HB 2152 (see Peyton Chapman/Lincoln High letter ) would temporarily suspend driving permits and licenses for any student cited for any alcohol infraction anywhere.  Since our eighth graders all ASPIRE to get their driving permits in the following year, this bill would link the privilege of learning to drive to NOT USING ALCOHOL under any circumstances.  As Peyton Chapman's letter points out, the National Academy of Sciences has stated that they believe this swift and meaningful (but not severe) consequence would provide a substantial deterrent to alcohol use by teens.

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Please join me in contacting your elected representative and senator in Salem to ask them to support HB2152 to begin reducing Oregon eighth graders unacceptably high rate of alcohol use.  I believe the opinion of principals, who work regularly with 8th graders,is very important to our legislators.  Please try to squeeze out just two minutes to leave a message with their legislative assistants or their machines.
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