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Updated Tuesday, October 9

District applications for the new $260 million state School Improvement Fund (SIF) are due October 12.  COSA has created this blog to share information and resources that districts can use as they complete the SIF applications.  Together, we can all contribute to making the SIF application process as efficient and effective as possible.

Please use this blog to:

  • Ask Questions and Get Answers.  If you have questions about the SIF application, you can certainly contact ODE directly.  And/or you can post them below (in the “Continue the Discussion” area), and we’ll work with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to get the answers for you.  That way, we can all benefit from the answers, since many of us probably have the same questions. As well, please don’t hesitate to post any thoughts that add to the discussion, refine a question or enhance an answer.

  • Find and Share SIF-related Research.  Northwest Regional ESD has compiled a Research Bibliography that provides citations related to allowable uses of SIF Grant funds.  NWRESD has also provided:
  • In addition, these SIF Research Links were compiled by ODE. They can also be found on ODE's SIF Grants Web page.  As well, please e-mail Craig Hawkins (or post below) any SIF-related research and/or sources that your district is willing to share.

  • View and Share SIF Applications.  When your district completes its application, please consider sending a copy via e-mail to Craig Hawkins.  He’ll post it here so that other districts might learn from your efforts.

Again, let’s help each other make this SIF application process effective and efficient!

Additional SIF resources:


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How will SIF grant payments be made?
written by Dennis Carter, September 20, 2007
The SIF frequently asked questions indicates that preliminary grant payments will be made to districts November 20. Will the entire grant be made that date; will it be strung out over the remainder of the year; or will it be a reimbursement?
Is this a one-year SIF application?
written by Dennis Carter, September 20, 2007
The SIF application form shows it as being an application for 07-09. However, it appears from other information to be only for the 07-08 year. Is it only for the first year?
Response to Dennis Carter\'s Questions
written by Kent Hunsaker, September 20, 2007
Q1 - The application is for the 07-08 school year and will need to be updated for the 08-09 school year. In talking with Salam Noor at ODE, they will likely allow you to simply update your SIP electronically in the second year.

Q2 - After your SIF application which is due on October 12, is approved by ODE, each district will receive the full amount of funds for 2007-08 on November 20. The amount is $181/ADMw for K-12 districts and $9/ADMw for ESDs.

I will also note that Salam has agreed to attend the September 28 Off the Record Meeting to answer questions.
Charter Schools
written by Craig Roessler, September 26, 2007
How do charter schools located within a school district fit into the SIF grant? I assume we will be receiving money for all of the ADMw in our district including those attending a charter school located within our school district boundaries. Are there any guidelines about how much of the SIF grant funds should or must be used for charter school improvement activities?
Response to Craig Roessler
written by Helen MAGUIRE, September 26, 2007
Thanks for your question. Yes, the district allocation formula includes all of the ADMw for the district. Charter schools located within a school district are treated the same as other public schools in the district. The district would evaluate their needs in the same manner as they evaluate the needs of the rest of the schools in the district.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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