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janel keating 2.jpgby Craig Hawkins, Communications Director

It's another gorgeous morning at Salishan.  The sun is shining, and so are our keynote speakers, Bob Eaker and Janel Keating, as they talk to an overflowing houseful of superintendents and central office administrators about how to support successful professional learning community (PLC) implementation in their districts.

Eakerbob eaker 2.jpg, co-author (along with Rick and Rebecca DuFour) of two groundbreaking PLC books, and Keating are continuing the learning they began at the Principals Conference last fall, as well as the work of the DuFours and so many Oregon districts over the past three years.  They are helping school leaders build a deep, rich understanding of PLCs and providing a number of practical suggestions for moving their districts forward.  Their emphasis is helping leaders and their schools advance along the continuum from "knowing" about PLCs to "doing" the work of implementation, to ultimately "being" a professional learning community.

Friday, January 30 - 11:05 a.m.

Here is the handout and the supplemental packet from the Eaker-Keating presentation.

Funding Coalition / Off The Record Meeting

Friday, January 30 - 2:15 P.M.

The Steering Committee of the OASE School Funding Coalition (agenda) today developed draft legislative advocacy positions for the 2009 legislative session. This is a working document.  The Coalition welcomes comments and suggestions from COSA members.

The positions are:

1.    Further shortfall for 2007-09 (currently projected at $300-600 million):

  • We support filling the shortfall with the Education Stability Fund (ESF) and/or other funds available.
  • If it is determined that K-12 will be given an additional, significant loss which will likely cause most districts to shorten the school year, we support temporary suspension of appropriate PECBA laws and time-and-attendance laws to assist districts.
  • We support eliminating the reporting requirements for the SIF if there is a further loss of revenue for 2007-09.

2.    Funding for 2009-11:

  • We support state funding at a level that will be determined after the state’s revenue picture becomes clearer.
  • We support flexibility in the use of federal funding so that districts can meet the needs of students.
  • We support distribution from the ESF as early as possible to assure stability of funding.

3.    New Graduation Requirements

  • We support providing the additional funding necessary to assist students in meeting the new diploma requirements (estimated at $250 million), or delaying the requirements.

4.    Full Day Kindergarten

  • We support delaying the implementation of full day kindergarten until adequate funding for program and facilities is available.
  • We support phase-in of funding for the implementation of full day kindergarten by a date certain.
  • We support extending the time for districts to be able to charge tuition for the extra half day of Kindergarten.

5.    2% Kicker

  • We support legislation that would amend the law to better provide stability for education and other essential services.

6.    New Revenues

  • We support legislation that will generate new revenue to support education and other essential services.

7.    School Facilities

  • We support legislation that will identify and fund school facility needs and possible revenue sources to meet the facility needs identified.

The Funding Coalition directed COSA to develop an advocacy position related to online charter schools.

In addition to the draft legislative positions, the Funding Coalition reviewed an education funding summary that desribes expected 2007-09 and 2009-11 shortfalls in K-12 funding, and anticipated revenues from state reserves and federal sources that are expected to help offset those shortfalls.

Friday, January 30 - 2:30 P.M.

Off The Record meeting (agenda) attendees heard from AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech, who discussed the federal stimulus package and AASA's essential role in shaping the education portions of the package.  He said that AASA is advocating for flexibility in use of those monies so that school districts can meet the needs of their students. Here's a copy of Dr. Domenech's PowerPoint presentation.


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