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craig-hawkins.jpgby Craig Hawkins, Communications Director

The work of a task force charged with streamlining K-12 state reporting is underway. 

The group – the State Reporting/Paperwork Reduction Task Force – met for the first time earlier this month.  We expect to meet half a dozen times between now and next fall before issuing a package of recommended state reporting changes.

The group is facilitated and funded by COSA, strongly supported by the Oregon Department of Education and includes representatives from nearly 30 school districts.  The strength of the task force comes from our “real world” members, who represent districts of all sizes and just about every position from data entry secretary to superintendent.  Their diversity of perspectives should help us to arrive at a practical, well-balanced set of recommendations.

As this effort gets underway, here’s a question for COSA members and others interested in improving state reporting:

What change in state reporting would you like this task force to consider?

Is there a particular report that you think needs to be eliminated or changed?  Do you have a suggestion for improving a data submission process?  Do you have some ideas for improving training or communication?  Whatever your recommendation, we’d appreciate hearing about it.  Please post your suggestion in the “Continue the Discussion” comment box at the end of this blog.

The task force meets again on May 13, when we’ll begin reviewing state reports and collections.  For each report or data collection, we’ll be considering: 1) federal and/or state mandates, 2) the value and/or usefulness of the data, 3) the collection/reporting process, and 4) how results are reported.  Ultimately, we should have recommendations for each report we consider, as well as an overall proposal for state reporting.

We’ll keep you posted.

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HIghly Qualified Teachers
written by Robert Espenel, May 14, 2008
When hiring new teachers, I use the TSPC website to confirm teaching certification. We also need to consider highly qualified candidates as we make hiring decisions. I would like to see the identification of Highly Qualified status included with the teacher certification informatin found on the TSPC website.

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