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Hello my name is Chuck Bennett. I'm a constituent from Salem, Oregon.

Staff response is usually a request for your address.

My address is 707 13th St. SE, Salem, Oregon 97301.

Staff response is often a request for how they can help. 

I'm calling to ask for Rep. Hooley's support for H2222, a bill that would continue funding for IDEA, the special education funds.

Staff response is usually positive. They rarely are negative when talking with a constituent.

My call is prompted by the experience I have had with my neighbor Billy, who is a local special education student. These programs and particularly the role played in his education by a local speech pathologist has been nothing short of remarkable. He not only is doing better in school, he is thriving in our neighborhood. I am concerned that without continued federal assistance, the local program will be cut. It would be a terrible loss for this wonderful young boy.

Staff response is usually a thank you.

Thanks and would you or someone in the office please call or write me and let me know how she voted on H2222?

Staff may agree or redirect you to another staff member, probably the one working on education, and suggest you call back.

Great, and thanks again and may I have her phone number so I can call directly to her?


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