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Welcome to the COSA-CUC Education Leadership and Licensure Program Overview page.

Why COSA-CUC ?     Quality-Cost-Convenience...

Our partner Concordia University of Chicago is a NCATE accredited university which is a national leader in educational training rated in the top 2% nationally.  COSA and CUC are committed to a program with the highest and most rigorous standards of admission and completion.

The cost of the program for all the IAL and CAL will be maintained at or below the mean cost of existing licensure programs in the state.  The job embedded and online features of the program will also add efficiencies and lower costs to participants.  Up to 50% of a candidates IAL or Cal program may be transferred in from other regionally accredited graduate schools.

Candidates will be able to accomplish coursework online, interacting with their professor and colleagues via an exemplary course delivery system.  This format allows candidates online access 24/7 and limits the need to travel and meet weekly or on weekends.  Job embedded, career-focused internships and coursework requirements will allow candidates to create relevant and productive experiences that directly work to improve their schools.

What is the program designed to accomplish?
The mission of the COSA-CUC Educational Leadership an Licensure Program is to develop administrators who, by employing continuous reflection of their own practice, will use their expertise to improve student learning and achievement by working to build the professional skills of colleagues, to strengthen the culture of the school through professional learning communities, and to improve the quality of instruction through data-based decision making.  Candidates in this program will be challenged to reflect continuously upon:  leadership skills, coaching and mentoring, analysis of assessment data to impact instruction, strategies for closing the achievement gap through instructional best practices, the need to address equity and diversity in schools, e. g. special needs, early childhood, ELL, building collaborative efforts to include colleagues, parents and community members in comprehensive efforts for school improvement a, and promoting the success of each student by ensuring a setting that provides the resources necessary for a safe, efficient and effective school environment.  The program strives to prepare administrators who have knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead positive changes in schools so that all learners can be successful.

Who is the program best suited for?
The program is for candidates who exemplify the traits of leadership, collaboration, balanced decision making, and seek to be challenged by their course work and field experiences.  The program is for  Faculty who want to make a difference in the training of new school leaders.  The standards, content,  evaluations, and structure  of the program is designed for faculty to bring out the best in students.

Program Benefits
The COSA-CUC Educational Licensure Program is set up so that the candidate can achieve an advanced degree.  The candidate for the Oregon IAL can receive a Masters of Arts in School Leadership with some additional course work.  The candidate for the Oregon CAL can receive a Doctorate of Education in Leadership and use the credits earned in CAL as requirements.

Getting Started
Candidates or School Districts interested in more information about the program or enrolling in the program should continue to explore the website and /or contact: 

Colin Cameron, Director of Licensure - colin@cosa.k12.or.us  (503) 581-3141
Cheryl Brown, Licensure Specialist - cherylk@cosa.k12.or.us  (503) 581-3141

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