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The Teaching Online Certification Course has been designed for Concordia University Chicago (CUC) faculty as a professional development opportunity which models best practices in online education. This course is offered to CUC faculty through recommendation by their department chair or dean.

Teaching Online Certification Course Design

This four week course provides an overview of online teaching and learning grounded in best practices.  It is designed specifically to model pedagogical approaches to effective online teaching and demonstrate the use of technology to engage students in learning. Specifically, the faculty member becomes a learner in the course.  As a learner, they are required to participate actively in discussion forums, contribute to a wiki and blog, create journal, and complete an assignment.  They are also provided a separate sandbox course to experiment with instructional tools. The certification course is asynchronous; however, it is paced.  There are specific due dates for postings and assignments.  Two of the activities in the course are graded to provide the participants with an understanding of how to assess student learning online and how to provide meaningful feedback.

Learning Objectives 

  • Discuss state of online education in today’s educational environment
  • Discuss specific strengths and weakness of online teaching and learning relative to the needs and characteristics of the online learner
  • Experience as a learner the development of an online learning community
  • Navigate and apply the basic instructor and student tools in Blackboard
  • Apply the teacher, cognitive and social presence framework though the conceptual development of a small unit of instruction online.
Learning Modules 
  • Overview of Online Education
  • Successful Online Courses
  • Pedagogical Approaches to the Development of Online Courses
Certification of Faculty Certification of faculty is required before they asked by a department or college to teach an online or hybrid course.  Records are kept documenting successful completion of candidates in the certification course.  These records serve as a resource for departments and colleges when seeking faculty to teach hybrid or online courses.


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