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Castillo calls on lawmakers to tap Education Stability Fund Print E-mail

susan castillo.gifState Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo today released a statement on school funding, calling for the legislature to tap the Education Stability Fund to fill K-12's 2007-09 shortfall.  Her statement reads:

"Today President Obama signs the federal stimulus bill into law and sends much needed dollars to our state budget. These state stabilization funds are a welcome source of aid and offer some help for Oregon's schools. However, they won’t be enough to avert drastic school district budget cuts in light of the state's worsening revenue picture.

Oregon lawmakers need to consider, among other things, using the nearly $400 million in the state's education reserve fund to protect our schools from closing their doors early. A shortened school year is a real possibility in districts across Oregon unless lawmakers find a way to preserve funding through the remainder of the current budget. If we have to dip into reserves to keep this school year whole, then I absolutely support us doing that.

Yesterday, I joined with almost 5,000 parents and students from across Oregon. The message was clear: We must do whatever it takes to keep our students in school and learning for the remainder of the year."

Last week, Castillo wrote a letter encouraging House Speaker Dave Hunt and Senate President Peter Courtney to utilize the Education Stability Fund for 2007-09.

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