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A measure to provide $26 billion in emergency aid to state and local governments -- including $10 billion to prevent education job losses -- cleared a U.S. Senate procedural hurdle yesterday morning, and is expected to be approved today.

The bill will then go to the House, which is currently on recess until after Labor Day.  However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she intends to call the House back from recess to vote on the bill; that vote is expected to come as early as Tuesday.  This move may make it possible for local districts to begin receiving their share as soon as early September, rather than October.

Democrats say the package would help to save 140,000 teacher jobs.  Generally, Oregon's share of any federal funding for schools is a little less than one percent -- so Oregon schools can expect to receive nearly $100 million to prevent job losses when approval occurs and funds are allocated. COSA had previously estimated that a $10B allocation would mean an additional $145/ADMw for 2010-11.

Analysis: Oregon special legislative session?
If the measure passes at the federal level, it increases the likelihood of an Oregon Special Legislative Session. This session would not likely happen until after the September State Revenue Forecast, which occurs on August 26, 2010. A further drop in the revenue forecast would provide complications for funding state services and might have implications for the amount of funding schools would actually receive.

This is obviously good news, but Oregon districts are cautioned not count this as new funding until it is actually approved at the federal level and until we know the results of the August 26 revenue forecast and likely Special Legislative Session.

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