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Guidance for dealing with a recent U.S. Department of Education rule that gives parents the unilateral right to revoke initial consent for special education services at any time, will be provided by both Nancy Latini, ODE Assistant Superintendent, and Ty Manieri, ODE lead legal specialist, during the COSA/ODE Winter Conference for Special Education Administrators January 9, 2009, at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn.

This rule goes into effect beginning January 1.  Previously, when a parent wanted to remove his/her child from special education services, the student’s IEP team met to consider the request and make a team decision about whether this was in the student’s best interest.  According to this new federal rule, upon parent request alone, students will be returned to regular education programs and will not be treated as students with disabilities for any educational or disciplinary purpose.  Districts will need to prepare regular and special education staff and administration for the ramifications of this profound change.

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