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k-8-symposium-3A statewide discussion of issues related to K-8 schools – launched at COSA’s K-8 Symposium on May 25 in Eugene – will be continued in a COSA Website blog and via e-mail.

“There was a high level of excitement throughout the day, with lots of open dialogue – so much so that the big question at the end of the day was, ‘How can we keep this conversation going?’,” COSA Professional Development Director Bill Beck said.

Toward that end, COSA will develop a list-serve and a K-8 blog.  “The blog will provide a forum for those interested in this topic, whether they were able to attend the symposium or not.”

The symposium was for administrators and teacher leaders.  They talked about issues related to establishing K-8 schools and for those currently working in them, as well as best practices in a variety of areas.  Forty-seven participants representing 17 districts participated in the event.

k-8-symposium-2“Special thanks needs to go to Colleen Miller and Patti Book from the Beaverton School District and to Nancy McCullum and Sara Ticer from the Bethel School District,” Beck said.  The four principals worked with COSA staff in planning the event as well as serving as presenters throughout the day.  “They were outstanding,” Beck said.  “We also want to thank OEA for allowing Teresa Ferrer to participate.  Her presentation on K-8 licensure and NCLB HQT issues was most informative.”

The blog will be up and running in the very near future, according to Beck.  “We’ll be sure to let everyone know when it starts,” he said.

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