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tom-parrish Special education finance trends across the nation will be the focus of a keynote presentation from Thomas Parrish, EdD, at the Fall ODE/COSA Special Education Conference for Administrators at the Eugene Hilton October 11-13.  Register online today.

Parrish has served as Director of the Center for Special Education Finance (CSEF) at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) for the past 15 years. In this capacity, he has assisted the federal government and many states in measuring special education costs and expenditures and in formulating fiscal policy. His major area of expertise and policy interest is K-12 education, with a focus on special populations and school reform.

Parrish’s presentation will address questions such as:

  • What do we know about how special education funds are spent?
  • What are the sources of these funds and what are the alternatives ways that states and the federal government approach issues of considering how to fund special education in an equitable and adequate manner?
  • What are some of the recent concerns that other states have faced in regard to funding special education over the past decade and how have they addressed them?
  • Is spending on special education growing? If yes, what appear to be some of the contributing factors?
  • Is special education “encroaching” on general education spending? How might we measure this?
  • How does special education factor into questions of defining education funding adequacy?
Parrish's keynote address is scheduled for Thursday, the second day of the conference. On Wednesday, two general sessions will feature Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo, ODE Assistant Superintendent Nancy Latini and ELL expert Dr. Manuel Barrera.  Following those sessions, knowledgeable ODE staff will present on the key issues raised by the reauthorization of IDEA-discipline, IEP changes, eligibility, procedural safeguards, English Language Learners and Special Education, fiscal implications and eligibility and evaluation.

In addition to Parrish's Thursday presentation, there will be numerous breakout sessions focusing on such topics as Response to Intervention (RTI), behavioral supports, student records, transition, private and charter schools, assessment options, IEP partners, highly qualified teacher updates and many other relevant and important issues.  Some of the sessions will be repeated while others will be on the same subject with a different focus (e.g., the session on transition data collection 2007 will be followed by a session on self advocacy which will then be followed by a session on transition in general).  Following the lunch on Thursday, ODE Education Specialist Dianna Carrizales will present a general session on assessment.

Speakers such as Suzy Harris, Cory Dunn and Jay Gense will present on critical topics on Friday, with the conference adjourning at 2:30. 

Special day-long events set for EI/ECSE, business managers, IT/data managers
In addition, there will be separate day-long events for three subgroups:  EI/ECSE (Wednesday), Business Managers (Thursday) and IT/Data Managers (Friday).  These meetings will be held upstairs in the Vista Rooms and the registration fee is $75 per person.  Each person attending will need to register on the COSA registration form. 

If you are attending the full three-day conference and want to also attend one of these special one-day sessions, please let Sera know in advance.  If you are registered for the full conference, there is no additional $75 charge as long as you let Sera know in advance.  This advance notice allows for meal planning and room arrangement for those planning to spend one of the days upstairs.

If you have questions about this conference, don’t hesitate to email Sue Roessler.

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