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Measure 68 promises to help school districts with capital costs Print E-mail

If approved by voters in the May 18 primary election, Measure 68 will amend the Oregon Constitution with two key provisions that can help school districts and their communities afford the costs of construction and repair of facilities.

The first provision would allow the state to issue general obligation bonds to provide matching funds to help local districts with capital costs. Districts would be eligible for the matching funds if voters approve a local bond measure.

The second provision broadens how districts can use bond proceeds, to include costs of land, construction, improvement, remodeling, maintenance and repair.  In many cases, maintenance and repair costs are not eligible for funding with bond proceeds under existing law.  This provision would also allow bond proceeds to be used for associated assets, such as furniture, equipment and textbooks.

For more information on Measure 68, see the ballot title, text of the measure, explanatory statement and legislative argument in support.  Also see OSBA's Measure 68 webpage, or vist the Yes on Measures 68 and 69 website.

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