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A mixed state revenue forecast – with revenues declining by $40 million for 2009-11, and growing by $128 million for 2011-13, compared to the March forecast – was delivered this morning by State Economist Tom Potiowsky.

Potiowsky told the joint Senate and House revenue committees that Oregon is in a period of economic recovery, based on job growth and other economic indicators.  He also pointed to risks to the forecast, including the increasing likelihood of a corporate kicker this biennium.

Education advocates, as well as those from other government sectors, will be vying for limited available dollars over the coming weeks.  For education, legislators are faced with the need to allocate about $65 million this biennium to meet federal maintenance of effort (MOE) requirements for special education programs and higher education.  COSA and its education partners will also be advocating for the allocation of an additional $100 million (for a total of $5.8 billion in 2011-13) for K-12 schools.

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