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Nominations sought for Principal of the Year award Print E-mail

by Nancy Moen, COSA
It's that time of year to nominate a worthy colleague for the NASSP/MetLife Principal of the Year Award.  We are seeking nominations for both middle and high school principals.  Like last year, we are asking nominees to complete a shortened preliminary form for the first round of judging.  The committee will then select one middle and one high school winner, and they will each complete the remainder of the form to be submitted to NASSP.
Instructions for the shortened form:  Nominees will complete all sections of the form except the three essay questions.  Those will be completed by the selected winners at a later date. 
The official application may be obtained from the NASSP website by going to www.principals.org
The completed shortened applications are due into the COSA office by Monday, March 17th. 
To be eligible for the award, nominees must be active COSA and OASSA members. 
Contact me with any questions at 503-480-7206 or by e-mail at nancy@oasc.org.
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