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Oregon Virtual School District (OVSD) has continued to make progress this summer, Project Manager Marc Eskenas reports.  An OVSD "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) document released today answers a number of progress-related questions for July, including:

What we have accomplished so far this summer?

  • Continue to gather requirements and construct Portal
  • Continue to gather requirements and implement Open Source LMS
  • Release RFP for 7-12 Core Instructional Content
  • Draft OVSD Rules and Best Practices
  • Create Requirements for Portal and Teachers Interactive Network Help Desk
  • Secured an agreement with COSA to distribute OVSD information

What is planned for the rest of the summer?

  • Award RFP for Instructional  Content and Teacher Training
  • Complete and Implement Plan for OVSD communications to School Districts and ESD’s.
  • Beta Test Portal for Release in September
  • Beta Test the Interactive Teachers Network Portal donated by Microsoft
  • Implement Course Menu and course Search Engine
  • Beta Test Learning Management System with course content for instruction
  • Continue to Evaluate additional instruction data and Voice Communications Tools
  • Release Help Desk RFP
  • Submit OVSD Rules and Best Practices to State Board Of Education

What can I do to help my school district?

  • Become involved with the project. Provide input and recommendations to the requirements for the Portal and Learning Management System
  • Join a focus group or sub-committee where we examine items like e-mail, best practices and professional development. Meetings are held monthly and should require less than 8 hours of your time each month.

How can I become involved?


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