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randy-trani-(2) Randy Trani, 2006 Oregon Principal of the Year, is the project leader for the “Corbett High School College Readiness Initiative,” which won the OASE Excellence in Curriculum Leadership Award for 2007.  The project, submitted by superintendent Robert Dunton, is a tribute to the instructional gains the district has made in focusing on all learners.

Armed with the belief that all students can succeed, Trani essentially "took the lid off the box" in terms of achievement.  At Corbett, students are encouraged and supported to participate in college-level coursework beginning in grade 10.  The result?  More than 90 percent of 10th-12th grade students take Advanced Placement courses.  Corbett's 240 students took 166 A.P. exams in the spring of 2006 (first in Oregon, and among the top 75 schools in the nation, regardless of size), and are on pace to take more than 350 A.P. exams this spring.

What's more, last year Corbett's 10th graders posted passing rates of 83 and 88 percent, respectively, on state reading and math assessments.  Not surprisingly, Corbett High School’s participation in the SAT’s has grown significantly, and average scores have increased, even as the new SAT has been implemented.  Last year, 70 percent of seniors took the SAT and averaged 1580, with a 520 in writing.

As 2006 Principal of the Year, Randy was honored at both the Principal’s Conference and the Annual COSA Conference.  Robert Dunton received the Excellence in Curriculum Leadership Award for the Corbett High School “Reading Readiness Initiative” at the Oregon School Boards Association Conference earlier this month.

The accomplishments of Corbett's students, and the leadership provided by Trani and Dunton are sources of pride in their community.  They are also widely respected and admired throughout the state.  "When we travel around Oregon visiting with our members," COSA Executive Director Kent Hunsaker said, "we almost always talk about Corbett when the discussion turns to student achievement, or high standards and expectations for students.  Randy, Bob and their students are tremendously deserving not only of the Excellence in Curriculum Leadership, but all the state and national acclaim they receive."

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