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The second 2007-08 Conference for Special Education Administrators is set January 11 at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn.  The content for the conference, which is offered by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and COSA, was selected by ODE staff from both feedback received from the fall conference and requests for information from the field.  Registration is open and the conference program is available.

Content to be addressed includes:

Finance Calendar -- What do you need to do by when?  Many special education directors and their business managers struggle with the expectations required to submit timely financial information and relevant financial information to ODE.  This session will review timeline, content for submissions and tricks to get the job done.

Public Reporting -- What else will be on the special education report card for the next publication?  The first report card contained limited information on specific indicators. ODE will be required to add indicators for the next report card.  This session will review those indicators, what they mean, how the data is secured and expected timelines.  The technical manual for reading the report card will also be discussed. 

Strengths and Weaknesses approach to determination of Learning Disabilities -- The IDEA 2004 permits the use of strengths/weaknesses as a process for determining students with a learning disability.  This session will offer ways to address the process and methods of reviewing strengths/weaknesses patterns.

Progress Monitoring to determine continuous growth and needs of students -- This session will describe how to measure growth to fulfill IDEA 2004 requirements and make it meaningful and simple for staff. 

Modified Diploma Rules -- This session will allow participants to learn more specific rules for the modified diploma and the process and path to date.  It will also provide an opportunity for participants to offer suggestions for the final proposed rules. 

Following a continental breakfast, Dr. Nancy Latini, ODE Assistant Superintendent, Student Learning and Partnerships, will open the day with a welcoming and updates and the first round of breakouts will begin shortly thereafter.  For more information, please contact Sue Roessler.

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