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On November 2, schools nationwide will have the opportunity to cast their vote for candidates and on national issues in the National Student/Parent Mock Election -- the nation’s largest voter education project for students and parents.  The Mock Election, now in its 26th year, has partnered with the National Council for the Social Studies since 1980.  The Council strives to preserve the legacy of democracy by supporting civic education efforts in our schools in accord with the National Standards for Civics and Government.  This is a free program with a wealth of curriculum materials available at http://www.nationalmockelection.org.

In 2004, the National Student/Parent Mock Election was the catalyst for over 4 million students, teachers and parents to cast their votes in a realistic, unforgettable election experience, a culmination of their studies of democracy.  Schools or districts who would like to enroll for the November 2, 2006 Mock Election can do so easily by clicking on the following link:  http://www.nationalmockelection.org/EnrollNowPage/revisedForm/css/revisedForm2.htm .

Just released this week: a new web-based civic education game, “The Road to the Capitol,” is accessible at www.nationalmockelection.org/game/. The game incorporates civics, government, and history lessons, along with language arts in a simulated congressional campaign requiring the “candidates” (students and parents) to become well informed about such issues as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, landmark Supreme Court cases and famous speeches.

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