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billlindsley Keynote speaker Dr. Bill Lindsley, who speaks at 12:45 Thursday during the 32nd Annual COSA Seaside Conference second general session, helps to build stronger organizations by enhancing listening skills that will improve morale, productivity and a sense of belonging to the team.  His presentation, "Dancing on the Deck of the Titanic," is about the art of strategic listening. 

Participants in this general session will gain tips on: How to be a better listener, forming stronger teams, getting better information for decision-making, increasing your organization’s effectiveness, powerful strategic responses and improved planning.  Participants will also gain a deeper appreciation for the impact of better listening, both as an individual leader as well as an organization, and learn the keys to building a listening organization, one that pays attention to what is strategic -- and takes action based on that information.

"Great Leaders are  great listeners, and they build listening organizations," Lindsley says.  "Sometimes you get so busy just trying to keep up that you stop listening to your co-workers, your customers, and the world around you.  Like the leadership at Tyco, Enron, and WorldCom.  Like the captain of the Titanic...

"But consider this: how much more effective could you be if you truly listened?  And how much greater could your organization be if it truly listened strategically?  That's what Dancing on the Deck of the Titanic is all about."

Prior to Lindsley's remarks Thursday afternoon, COSA will honor Oregon High School Principal of the Year Jim Saxton of Sandy and Oregon Assistant Principal of the Year Candace Baker of Albany.  The awards are sponsored by ING and Virco, respectively.  COSA will also present Springfield Superintendent Nancy Golden with the Bev Gladder Mentorship Award.

Following the second general session, attendees can visit vendor booths.  At 2:45, the Round II Breakout Sessions and, at 3:45, the Round III Breakout Sessions take place in the Convention Center, the Shilo Inn, the Best Western and the Lutheran Church.
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