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Seminar for New Superintendents attended by 15 leaders Print E-mail

by Sue Roessler, Deputy Director of Professional Development

Fifteen new or new to Oregon superintendents have joined the Seminar for New Superintendents, a professional development opportunity offered jointly by COSA and ODE.  The third session of the Seminar series was held at the Oregon Law Conference last week.  It featured Nancy Hungerford and covered what a superintendent needs to know about managing personnel, public records and PR issues when an employee issue hits the front pages.

As part of the Seminar program, each new superintendent has been assigned a mentor and together they have attended three sessions on topics rated as highest priority for new superintendents.  Managing the district budget, working with the school board and collective bargaining were the three topics covered at the first meeting in August.  The second session in September focused on The Superintendent as the Instructional Leader and veteran superintendents Dawn Tarzian and Paula Radich presented a resource handbook filled with strategies, forms and tools they have used in their districts.

Feedback from the participants has been very positive.  Comments from the new superintendents include:

"I wish to extend my thanks for the meaningful and “spot on” in services that you have been providing for us-they have been extremely helpful and I have especially enjoyed the reading-learning from the books and materials."

"I am receiving good support from my mentor!  Thank you so much for putting this support program together.  Looking forward to future sessions."

"Thanks.  I feel supported."

"My mentor has been great in answering any question that I have."

The next session will be held in January at the OASE/OACOA Winter Conference.  For more information or questions, please contact Sue Roessler.

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