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Dandy Parsons, Assistant Principal-Curriculum at Silverton High School, has been named Oregon’s 2011 Assistant Principal of the Year.  Parsons was selected by the Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators.

An educator for 16 years, Parsons has served as assistant principal with the Silver Falls School District for the past six years.  She has worked on improving teacher-staff-student connections and has provided leadership as Silverton High School has implemented Professional Learning Communities and the READ 180 program in recent years.  She has led the math department in aligning its curriculum, establishing a grades 6-12 curriculum and using a web-based "Moodle” to improve communication and online sharing of resources.  During Parsons' tenure, SHS has also seen an increase in AP participation (from 50 students in 2005 to 182 students this year).

SHS Mathematics Department Chair Thomas Steers wrote, “Dandy challenged us by asking a couple of simple questions.  Why do you teach it that way?  Why are we using those materials?  How do you know it’s effective?  How do we tell if a student has learned the material? And most importantly, What if we tried something else?  It seems like such a simple concept but in most schools, teachers just continue doing the same things in the same ways with little thought to new ideas.  Dandy forced us to take a hard look at ourselves as teachers and challenged us to improve individually, departmentally, and as a school.  If we were just ok, become good; if we were good, become great; and if we were great, share this with others.”

Parsons will be honored at the COSA Assistant Principals Conference this month, and at the COSA Seaside Conference in June.  She will attend the State and National Assistant Principals Forum and awards dinner in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Administrators and Virco, Inc., later this year.

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