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krista-parent South Lane School District Superintendent Krista Parent has been named the 2007 Oregon Superintendent of the Year by the Oregon Association of School Executives (OASE).  The Superintendent of the Year Award is presented annually to recognize chief administrators who exemplify excellence and achievement in educational leadership. 

Superintendent in South Lane for six years, Parent serves 2,900 students in a district that has been a state leader in literacy, mathematics, and technology, despite the fact that approximately 55 percent of its students are economically disadvantaged, 17 percent qualify for special education services, and more than 200 students receive support as homeless students.

In her award nomination packet, University of Oregon Professor Gerald Tindal described Krista as “an instructional leader of the highest caliber,” and one that “leads from a visionary perspective.”  Lane Education Service District Superintendent Debbie Egan and Bethel Superintendent Colt Gill credit “Krista’s driving commitment to excellence for all, for the sustained improvement in reading, math, and writing, noting that the disaggregated data for South Lane School District demonstrates she is truly leading the district in a manner that is closing the achievement gap.” 

The Oregon School Boards Association Communication Director Shannon Priem commented that Parent isn’t one to take credit for her success, but typically gives it to others, citing recent examples where Parent had received honors, and “Krista claimed she was just lucky, having the best staff and support anyone could hope for.  There wasn’t anyone else around but me to hear that…so I figured she meant it.”  Priem also recounted a training she did in Parent’s district where she heard one of the employees say, “We’d do anything for her,” as Priem and the employee were leaving the workshop.  Priem has worked more than 30 years in the journalism and pubic relations fields, and said “if I could be a teacher or custodian anywhere, I’d pick the South Lane School District.”    

South Lane School District Board Members Leslie Rubinstein and Sherry Duerst-Higgins share similar opinions about their Superintendent and school district. 

“Krista is a highly competent and efficient executive with excellent communication skills, a tremendous amount of energy and an innovative streak that makes her school district stand out in the crowd,” commented Rubinstein. 

“She is at the helm of a powerful grant-writing team consisting of the district’s central administrators, the most recent grant being a five year, one million dollar 21st Century Schools grant for after-school and summer school programs,” praised Duerst-Higgins.  “A five year, five million dollar National Science Foundation grant for improving mathematics instruction through the Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute; a one million dollar educational technical grant for leading technology in the state for the past five consecutive years; and a $216, 500 Workforce Investment Act grant providing technical professional preparation for students (engineering technology for girls and emergency medical technician programs) are some of this year’s other grant awards, which have all been sought under Krista’s Superintendency."

Superintendent of the Year finalists are measured against the following criteria:

  • Leadership for learning - creativity in successfully meeting the needs of students in the school system;
  • Communication - strength in both personal and organizational communication;
  • Professionalism - constant improvement of administrative knowledge and skills, while providing professional development opportunities and motivation to others on the education team; and
  • Community Involvement - active participation in local community activities and an understanding of regional, national and international issues.

COSA Executive Director Kent Hunsaker will formally present her with the award at the October 9, 2006 South Lane school board meeting.  Parent will also be recognized at the 60th Annual Oregon School Boards Association Convention in Portland on November 11, 2006; the Oregon Superintendents and Central Office Administrators Annual Conference at Salishan on February 1-3, 2007; and at the 2007 American Association of School Administrators (AASA) National Conference on Education in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 2, 2007.
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